40 Frugal Summer Ideas for Teens


Everywhere you look, there are frugal ideas for kids…but what about the teenagers?

Well, here you go!  Some ideas to get you started on a frugal summer with your teen.

Frugal Summer Ideas for Teens:

  1. Pinterest Bake-off
  2. Bowling
  3. Walk around the mall
  4. Get a haircut at a cosmetology school
  5. Mini golf
  6. Matinee movies, bring your own candy
  7. Swimming (pool, beach, friend’s neighborhood pool)
  8. Bike ride
  9. Farmer’s Market
  10. Rent a Redbox movie or Movie On Demand
  11. Paint your nails at home
  12. Skate Park
  13. Go on a Hike
  14. The Zoo (with friends)
  15. Plan your next vacation
  16. Pull out your cookbooks and try a new recipe
  17. Sew a throw pillow
  18. Play a board game
  19. Volunteer at a food pantry or hand out school supplies
  20. Youth group activities
  21. Take in a local ball game
  22. Create a list of favorite meals, snacks, lunches
  23. Scrapbook by only using your existing supplies
  24. Kick around a soccer ball
  25. Check out some books and videos from the library
  26. Wash and vacuum your car
  27. Give your bedroom a mini-makeover
  28. Learn a new hobby – knitting, crocheting, photography, gardening
  29. Start a journal – write every day this summer
  30. Window Shop
  31. Go to the art museum or other low-cost museums
  32. Visit a college and take a tour
  33. Work out
  34. Career/College exploration
  35. Take your dog on a walk (or a neighbor’s dog, or at an animal shelter)
  36. Have a $1 Coke Date at McDonald’s
  37. Read a novel just for the fun of it!
  38. Have a sleepover – make popcorn and soda as snacks, make pancakes for breakfast
  39. Learn to drive or practice driving
  40. Attend a Free concert or movie put on by your city


Cooking Tip – Grate Butter When Making Pastries

CookingTip!Grate Butter When Making Pastries

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to hear about this tip!  I have made so many pie crusts or pastries the “hard way.”  I have always used two butter knives to cut in the butter or shortening into the flour mixture.  This is SO much easier!! Just grate your cold butter into a bowl, then stir into the flour mixture!  That’s it!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Cooking Tip Grated Butter

(This is a photo of the grated butter and flour mixture that I used recently to make a Dutch apple pie)

The Magic Tree – Lee’s Summit, MO.

Magic Tree Tom and Angela Magic Tree Tom Carol and Angela

The Magic Tree is a new attraction in Lee’s Summit, MO., open during the holiday season.

An anonymous family has adorned a tree with tens of thousands of twinkling lights, every single branch is lit up!  It has become a place to enjoy with family, a photo opportunity, and just a beautiful place to celebrate the lights of Christmas!

It is located at the intersection of 470 and View High Drive.  There is a gravel parking lot, and you and your family can walk directly up to the tree to take pictures and see the tree up close.  In 2014, they were also collecting donations of canned goods to benefit Lee’s Summit Social Services.

I highly recommend stopping, especially if you are on your way to see the lights at Christmas in the Park.

For more information, visit their website at:  www.lsmagictree.com.


What Is Your Measure of The “Perfect Home?”


What do you envision when you think of the “perfect home?”

A beautiful, white mansion, 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, with columns (of course), a perfectly manicured lawn, a maid, cook, “pool guy”, and a stable full of horses?  mansion2

Or maybe it’s not quite so regal – how about a home in a suburban neighborhood, 3-4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a white picket fence, an adorable puppy, and a basketball goal in the driveway?


Confession time:  My latest measure of success of the “perfect” home has been how small of a house I live in, and my future plans of entertaining my family and friends in said house. I mean, how will I be a “good” grandma someday when I live in a small home…a (gasp!) rental home???  With small bedrooms?  Without a gourmet kitchen and granite island, like I see everyday on HGTV, to bake cookies with my grandchildren?

When I look at that confession actually spelled out in words, I shake my head…what?  Would any of my family or friends even care how big or small my house house is?  Of course not. What kind of crazy thinking has come over me?  I’m embarrassed to admit this type of thinking, but I’m keeping it real!

Oh, dear ones, how easy it is to get sucked up into this worldly thinking!

Will God care about ANY of those things?  Of course not.

The “perfect home” will be surrounded by faith, full of love, laughter, and life!  It might even be bursting at the seams when the entire family comes over, but does anyone really care?  Of course not.

This past Christmas was one of the most special Christmases I can remember.  My sister, who had just moved from a small duplex, to a little bit larger home, had not only her own children and boyfriend, but brothers, sisters, Mom, nieces and nephews, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends!  Everyone was welcome…there were close to 40 of us in her home!  And do you think that anyone even thought about the fact that we may not have had enough “elbow room”?  Nope.  My favorite part of that day was when several of the adults were sitting and standing around the kitchen table, telling funny stories from the past, remembering special moments, “roasting” each other, and hearing Grandma Lou’s stories that some of us had never heard.  And the laughing!  It’s the first time in a long time that everyone was together and there were no raised voices, except when hootin’ and hollerin’ at the funny tales.  That was a precious hour in my life that will not quickly be forgotten.

If my sister had been burdened by thoughts of how “small” her house was, or was continually apologizing for it’s size (which is something *I* would have done!), do you think it would have been as memorable, cozy, or comfortable?  Of course not.  That’s not what mattered.  To anyone.

My homes over the past few years has ranged from an average sized home, to a little larger home, to an apartment, and now back to a small home. Unfortunately, my focus has been OUT of focus…it’s not the size that matters, but the love, joy, laughter, faith, family and friends inside that home.

My prayer is to focus on my abundant blessings, and not the size of those blessings, much like my humbler-than-me, younger sister, who just hosted one of the best Christmas celebrations ever and taught me a beautiful lesson at the same time.

There is Power in the Name of Jesus…

Ever have one of those days when God is trying to give you a message…over…and over…and OVER?

He’s been sending me a BILLBOARD!  Three times today I’ve heard this same message:

“There is power in the name of Jesus!”

photo credit: pixabay.com

On Facebook, on a movie, and through an email.

What is that supposed to mean? To me? And why today?

I’ve been soaking it in,  trying to figure it out.

Soaking in the words of the song, “Break Every Chain”

  • There’s Power in the name of Jesus…
  • All sufficient sacrifice…
  • There’s an army rising up…
  • Break Every Chain…

I won’t suggest that I have figured it out, but I think Jesus is reminding me of His all-encompassing power, grace, and love.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, God, for the message…I feel so blessed to have heard Your words today.  I needed to hear them!

Watch and Listen here: (“Break Every Chain” by Jesus Culture)


Cheap Meal of the Week: Breakfast for Dinner


This week’s Cheap Meal of the Week is:

Breakfast for Dinner:  Pancakes, Bacon and Fried Eggs


Our local grocery store had a great sale this week, so I stocked up on breakfast essentials.

$2.99  Farmland Bacon 1 lb.

$0.49  One dozen large eggs ($0.99, but I only used 6)

$1.50  Bisquick baking mix ($2.99, but I only used half a box)

$1.00  (approximate) Small amount of butter to top pancakes, oil for pancake mix, and pancake syrup

Grand Total = $5.98

Divided among 4 people, only $1.50 per person!


*You could easily add some bread for toast, juice, and fruit, and easily keep your total under $2.00 per person!


The Kansas City Royals are playing Game 7 of the World Series tonight!!!


kcroyals1Talk about surreal….it’s been 29 years since the Kansas City Royals have been in the World Series.  The whole city is happy!!  People are wearing their Royals shirts and hats, patting each other on the back, displaying flags on their house and car, and everywhere you go, you’ll hear stories of the last time the Royals made it to the World Series.  I remember going to the ticker tape parade in downtown Kansas City in 1985 to celebrate their last win, I was 13 years old.



I’m super pumped that my teenage boys might will get to experience that same excitement!  Only 1 more game to go, Royals!  You can do it, boys in blue! The whole city is behind you!!!



#takethecrown #beroyal #kansascityroyals